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Wine's Ambassadors aims to capture the ever increasing demand of emerging wine consuming countries. After careful analysis of the exporting process, we concluded that the essence and philosophy of wine producers is not conveyed with enough attention to the majority of wine consumers. For this reason, we decided to launch a professional figure able to promote awareness of the incredible variety and richness of Italian viticulture through tastings, seminars and wine events: the Wine Ambassador.

Our goal is to promote the Italy's immense viticultural heritage through the export of premium quality wines. We wish to spread the knowledge and passion we have about this country to new consumers and to work in close contact with importers, helping them to understand this diverse reality.

Our Wine Ambassadors provide the same advantages and results a single-brand ambassador. Wine's Ambassadors will act for a number of wineries promoting, in particular, emerging Italian wine regions with niche productions and linking them directly to wine importers. We carefully select only the very best Italian wines and bring them to you at a highly competitive price range. Our team of professionals will be able to assist you with all your queries and will aim to secure long-lasting partnerships.

Contact Daniel Carnio at with your resume or CV if you are interested in pursuing the opportunity.

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